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Funeral Pamphlets provides printable funeral cards, as well as customization and photo restoration services, to funeral homes and people who would rather make their own cards.

Industry: Ecommerce


Shift to Mobile:

Knowing the market was shifting towards mobile shoppers, Funeral Pamphlets was in need of a fully functional, navigable, fast loading, and mobile responsive website.


As it became clear that quality traffic was being squandered away with a poor user experience and confusing website, we knew something had to be done about the conversion rate. 


We created a sleek and simple responsive website, and completely redesigned the home, category, and product pages. We also performed  SEO optimization to target organic traffic through long tail keywords. 


Within 5 months of deploying the new mobile-optimized site, Funeral Pamphlet’s organic traffic increased by 88%, with the mobile bounce rate decreasing by 27%! 


Thanks to a better understanding of the buyer’s most pertinent pain points and making add-on services more prominent, revenue increased by 164% and conversion rate by 71%!

Services Provided: 

  1. Website Redesign & Development
  2. Logo Design
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization
  4. Usability Testing
  5. SEO
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