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Gym Source is America’s oldest and largest distributor of fitness equipment. To acquire customers, Gym Source relies on form fills on their website, phone calls, and store visits to their retail chain of 33 stores.

Industry: Consumer Goods & Retailing

Headquarters: New York, NY


As the account was audited, it was quickly apparent the account would require much more than PPC management. 


Poor Landing Page Experience:

All old paid campaigns relied solely on 1 landing page, which made presenting targeted content infeasible. The landing page was long overdue for redesign. Conversion rate was low because people were having a hard time finding the information they needed.


Lead Quality: 

Digging through historic data revealed the lead quality was lackluster and below industry average. Gym Source offers brand new, premium quality gym equipment, but a large chunk of the traffic was coming from people searching for used and cheap equipment. 


Creating and optimizing multiple landing pages for conversions, while taking their respective target audiences & product categories into account, worked wonders.


After restructuring the account & creating better ad creatives, running A/B tests extensively,  and adjusting campaigns on an ongoing basis, their paid search click-thru-rates improved drastically by over 400%. 


Negative keywords lists were used to sculpt traffic to the most relevant ads and landing pages. Honing in on negative keywords led to a lower bounce rate and increased site engagement. 


Cost-per-acquisition decreased by 68%, while there’s been an incredible 436% increase in conversions!


Services Provided: 


  1. PPC Management
  2. Landing Page Design
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization
  4. Display Advertising
  5. Google Shopping
  6. Dynamic Remarketing


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