PPC Tuneup

We’ll professionally build, or rebuild your PPC campaigns so they’re in optimal shape.

Our Process

Understanding your business objectives

Before beginning work restructuring your campaigns, we need to fully understand your business and the psychographics of your target audience. We'll be researching your competitors while getting a better understanding of the products and services you sell.

Developing a strategic plan for your account

Once we have a clear understanding of who you are, what you sell and your profit margins, our team will begin developing a strategy for your PPC campaigns. We'll figure out an ideal structure for your ad groups and keywords, and we'll develop a profitable bidding strategy that can be optimized for performance each month.

Building (or rebuilding) your account and campaigns

Our in-house PPC management team will work on building out your entire campaign as if it were brand new, working on campaign structure, geographic targeting, audience segmentation, ad group organization, keywords and negative keywords, and more. Whether we're working on a new account or rebuilding your current campaigns, you'll get back an account ready to outperform your competition.

Optimization blueprint for you and your team

We take all of our research and analysis and translate it into an effective PPC strategy. With unrivaled attention to detail, we'll construct campaigns that maximize profitability and are enabled to scale.

Our PPC Management Tools

Here are just some of the tools we use to optimize campaigns.

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